Wednesday, March 5, 2008

What Can Be Done to Make Chuuk High a Better School

Students, parents, teachers, principal, and counselors need to work together for CHS to become a better school. Students need to come to school everyday, not just hanging around. The principal needs to make sure that the security people to do their job, watching students so they don’t escape or break other rules.

To solve the problem at CHS students need meet and plan how to change the school. Our plan is to provide new toilets to replace the old toilets, and provide a fiberglass tank so there is water for our bathrooms. And we need to paint our School. We also need to provide a cafeteria for CHS, and WHS. Students need many things to solve the problems at CHS. We need to provide textbooks, computers, and other equipment for CHS.

Students need to work together and ask their representatives in the government to help solve the problems at CHS.

But maybe it's very hard do to, because money is a problem. Yes we have money, but sometimes school system money is misused, and that causes trouble and it happened at Chuuk High School.

But if we want to make solve our problems student have to try their best. Students need to
• have leadership at CHS
• clean up our campus, and paint our school
• stop writing graffiti on our school
• come to school and wear their uniform
• if there is no teacher students need to go to the library, and study
• be on time
• bring books, pens, pencils, water and food

The school needs to
• paint the walls
• teachers need to come and teach us everyday
• fix the windows
• fix the fence where students escape
• have counselors help the students get into college, and help them do better in their classes

Students and the school needs to do all these things for CHS to become a better high school. And they have to think and care about our school. If students and the school does these things CHS will become a better school.


Sam said...

The building it self is a strong and nice school. The only problem that we are expereancing now, is the leader not the building. So, Please be wise during your election time. "look for the better feautre for you and your childern as well.

tEEcHuuKESE said...

Sure chuuk high school needs a lot of work. besides the major problem "money" is the law enforcement. the school needs a lot of money to get the help that it needs and we're not talking about the schools money that already gone. we need the money now or when ever we get that money to take of all the problems then the school will be the best I'm pretty sure they're tons of ppl won't mind volunteer their time to help out with the work but as far as now we don't have the money to take care of the issues this school has so it'll be a waste of time to sitting around talking about it when we don't have the MONEY.
The my favor, I was telling my sister the other day when I become rich or if I win the lottory I want to rebuild the chs gym. So ill be back when I win the lottory. Lol :)
Bless my chs