Sunday, March 30, 2008

1966 The First Peace Corp Teacher on Pulap Island

Henry Block went to Pulap with Micro I (the very first Peace Corp Volunteers in Micronesia). Micro I trained in Key West, Florida. Henry went to Pulap as a TESL teacher. But, as Henry and many other PCVs admitted, "We learned much more than we taught!"

In those days the Department of Education strongy advised outer island teachers, and the Peace Corps Volunteers were also told, not to come to Weno wearing a loincloth. Good luck, the ship shows up at the Moen (now Weno) dock and Henry, Bill Ryder (Hok 1966-68), Phil Bogetto (Puluwat 1966-68) step off the "Truk Islander" wearing - yes, of course - a loincloth.

Of course, one of the funny things about PCVs in loincloths were the occasional white buttocks and legs (As you can see in this photo of Henry). But, if Henry was white on the outside, he was definitely brown on the inside. He loved Pulap and never forgot it!

Henry Block: Peace Corp Pulap 1966-1968

Henry Block was the first Peace Corps Volunteer on Pulap Island. To say that he loved Pulap is an understatement. His life, view of life, the way he lived his life; it all changed as a result of his living and teaching there from 1966 - 1968.

Henry loved to sail and, ignoring Peace Corps Rules & Regulations, sailed with Pulapese to Pik to get turtles for the island. Some might say that Pulap was Henry's second home, but that would be understating the experience. Pulap became Henry's "spiritual home" - as it did for many of the first Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) who were fortunate enough to have the gift of living in remote islands with knowledgable people who were kind and gracious.

Yesterday I learned that Henry is very ill with cancer. Ironically the wife of a young Pulap man (his family took care of Henry on Pulap) recently passed on because of cancer. I ask that we continue to pray for both of these people and hold them close to our hearts, as they held Pulap close to theirs.

If you want to write Henry or upload pictures, go to this site and register:

Thank you,
Clark Graham
Volunteer Teacher at CHS

Monday, March 17, 2008

CHS Student Does Community Service Work

Approximately 300 kids from Faichuk, Fefan and Weno participated in the March 15th "Kids Track Meet" at Andersen Field. The meet was organized and run by the Chuuk Athletic Association and SHIP/HOOPS.

Mandy, a 12th grader at CHS, volunteered to work at the Kids Track Meet. He worked with the Penia/Sapuk team. Student service is important and should be a part of every student's educational experience.

Photographer’s Gunther Deichmann’s February Visit to CHS: A Student’s View

When my teacher told my classmates and I that we were going to have a photographer visit our class the next day I was really happy. I don’t know about my classmates, but me I can’t wait to see him.

The next day, my classmates and I were doing our power point presentations. While I was doing mine I always looked out the window to see when he was going to come to our class.

A few minutes later, two men entered our class. The tall one was carrying a camera. They walked in and looked at our work. The man with the camera introduced himself to us. Then we introduced ourselves to him.

He said his name was Gunther Deichmann but we should call him GD. Then he took some pictures of us. After that our teacher showed him around. They walked around and then they came back to our classroom.

Then GD said he wanted us to walk with him for a while. So we walked. He told us to look around and if we see something beautiful we ‘re going to take a picture of it. He told us that our eyes are the most important lens. To become a photographer you had to use your eyes.

He saw my skirt and told me to go walk on the sidewalk so he could take some pictures of my skirt, a wall and me. When we finished we walked back to our class. Our teacher download our pictures and then we looked at them. GD looked at the pictures with us ad helped us see how to make our photographs better. He reminded us again that the most important lens is our eyes.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Marching to Their Own Drummer

1. Sueann, 2. Melva, 3. Susaleen, 4. Roseann, 5. Brian, 6. Rocklyn, 7. Lauisa, 8. Roxann, 9. Larry, 10. Iron, 11. DJ, 12. Moses, 13. Joean, 14. Bernor, 15. Maywii, 16. Nowel, 17. Sayuri, 18. Traeelyn, 19. Yeleen, 20. Marcela, 21. Elisa, 22. Norme, 23. Rackr
24. Flyona, 25. Danevich

A big shout of appreciation to all the students that helped clean up the area. It shows what a small but dedicated number of people can do. Hopefully there will be more students next time.

CHS Students Pick Up Trash to Earn Money for Drinking Water

Two of 25 CHS students who have joined the Social Issues Committee Kids (SICK). These are students who decided that they would work to earn money to buy drinking water for the students at CHS. CHUUK PRIDE! Without leadership and adults who care, we get sick.

What Can Be Done to Make Chuuk High a Better School

Students, parents, teachers, principal, and counselors need to work together for CHS to become a better school. Students need to come to school everyday, not just hanging around. The principal needs to make sure that the security people to do their job, watching students so they don’t escape or break other rules.

To solve the problem at CHS students need meet and plan how to change the school. Our plan is to provide new toilets to replace the old toilets, and provide a fiberglass tank so there is water for our bathrooms. And we need to paint our School. We also need to provide a cafeteria for CHS, and WHS. Students need many things to solve the problems at CHS. We need to provide textbooks, computers, and other equipment for CHS.

Students need to work together and ask their representatives in the government to help solve the problems at CHS.

But maybe it's very hard do to, because money is a problem. Yes we have money, but sometimes school system money is misused, and that causes trouble and it happened at Chuuk High School.

But if we want to make solve our problems student have to try their best. Students need to
• have leadership at CHS
• clean up our campus, and paint our school
• stop writing graffiti on our school
• come to school and wear their uniform
• if there is no teacher students need to go to the library, and study
• be on time
• bring books, pens, pencils, water and food

The school needs to
• paint the walls
• teachers need to come and teach us everyday
• fix the windows
• fix the fence where students escape
• have counselors help the students get into college, and help them do better in their classes

Students and the school needs to do all these things for CHS to become a better high school. And they have to think and care about our school. If students and the school does these things CHS will become a better school.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Thanks to Richard & Mary Kerr For Their Gift and Support

We the film class students would like to thank Richard and Mary Kerr for donating a digital camera to our class. The picture was taken with their camera.

We appreciate your gift; it will be helpful to us to do our projects and assignments. We also want to thank Andy for spending his time to come all the way from Guam to Chuuk High School to teach us.