Monday, March 17, 2008

Photographer’s Gunther Deichmann’s February Visit to CHS: A Student’s View

When my teacher told my classmates and I that we were going to have a photographer visit our class the next day I was really happy. I don’t know about my classmates, but me I can’t wait to see him.

The next day, my classmates and I were doing our power point presentations. While I was doing mine I always looked out the window to see when he was going to come to our class.

A few minutes later, two men entered our class. The tall one was carrying a camera. They walked in and looked at our work. The man with the camera introduced himself to us. Then we introduced ourselves to him.

He said his name was Gunther Deichmann but we should call him GD. Then he took some pictures of us. After that our teacher showed him around. They walked around and then they came back to our classroom.

Then GD said he wanted us to walk with him for a while. So we walked. He told us to look around and if we see something beautiful we ‘re going to take a picture of it. He told us that our eyes are the most important lens. To become a photographer you had to use your eyes.

He saw my skirt and told me to go walk on the sidewalk so he could take some pictures of my skirt, a wall and me. When we finished we walked back to our class. Our teacher download our pictures and then we looked at them. GD looked at the pictures with us ad helped us see how to make our photographs better. He reminded us again that the most important lens is our eyes.

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