Tuesday, February 26, 2008

200+ Students Expelled

Around 260 students have been expelled, this month (February)! Can you believe that? Just because they have low GPAs, and some because they just don't take school seriously.

In my opinion, I really don't agree with this act! What happened to "No Child Left Behind"? I know most of the students have talents, don't they deserve a second chance for the sake of there future?

Only the students that participate in the special education program were safe. They get to stay. Is it just or unjust? some of the students that were expelled were just slow learners. Isn't it that what schools are for: to educate students more, try harder to get something in the students brains? I guess not because they just got rit of all those students.

First they get rid of freshmen, and now they are getting rid of some more students. I wonder what the next move will be?

What is there for the students in the future? What is there to dream of? Education is the key to a better life. No education no future!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

School Day Cut in Half - Now Not Enough Time in Class

Students at CHS are not receiving the required number of hours of instruction.

Old CHS Schedule of Classes
Block Schedule: 8 blocks
• Monday, Wednesday: blocks 1-4 met for 90 minutes each
• Tuesday, Thursday: blocks 6-8 met for 90 minutes each
• Friday: blocks 1-8 met for 45 minutes each

CHS’s Schedule of Classes Today
No more blocks – just shortened classes
• Monday, Wednesday: blocks 1-4 meet for 45 minutes each
• Tuesday, Thursday: blocks 6-8 met for 45 minutes each
• Friday: blocks 1-8 met for 30 minutes each

Class time is one half of what it should be! We have been told that the Board of Education Policy Handbook requires every class to have 225 minutes of classroom instruction every week. Now students get only 120 minutes every week. The students are not getting enough instruction time. This is wrong!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Student Marcela Manuel

Last year Marcela, pictured above on the far left, was one of four young women to learn traditional Chuukese dances. She was one of the CHS dancers that welcomed the Polynesia Voyaging Society's sailing canoes Hokulea and Alingano Maisu when they visited Chuuk on their historic voyage through this islands.

More about Marcela...

But what many people do not know is that Marcela is an athlete. Last year she ran in sprints and relays during the Chuuk State High School Field Day. Her effort, along with her teammates led to CHS winning the championship.

Although Marcela is a quiet and sometimes shy, she is an extremely bright young women who is enrolled in the Film, Culture & Social Issues class.

Recently Marcela completed a very moving multi-media presentation about Chuuk High School (CHS). This presentation was recently shared with one of Guam’s Rotary Clubs and was well received.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Episcopal Archdeacon Ben Helmer Visits CHS

In January the students in Clark’s film class had the opportunity to meet and interact with Archdeacon Ben Helmer of the Episcopal Church in Micronesia (ECIM). Archdeacon Helmer lives in Guam and came to Chuuk with Andrew Kerr of Learning Currents International.

In the photo Archdeacon Helmer is helping Danevich with his computer project. We are grateful for his visit, for working with the students, and for his concern for Chuukese students and people.

The Episcopal Church in Micronesia (ECIM) has been responsible for helping SHIP/HOOPS get equipment and supplies donated to our projects. The church continues to support SHIP/HOOPS’ efforts.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Photographer Gunther Deichmann Visits CHS

Professional Photographer Gunther Deighmann came to CHS and conducted a photography class for students. He went around the campus with the students having them take photos and then he also took photos. Returning to the classroom the pictures were downloaded onto a Macbook and then projected onto the wall. Gunther then talked to the students about each photograph and how to take better pictures.

Gunther saw a problem and saw a need, and he did something about it. When good people decide to get involved, which is something Gunther did at CHS with students, positive things happen. And... sure enough, things are starting to move forward: His business associates and friends stepped in and helped by donating equipment and software.

His visit and time with my students resulted in their learning more about photography but, of even greater value, they came to realize that someone cared and that they were of value. Many thanks to Gunther Deichmann.

His blog story "The Forgotten Ones" has had an important positive impact on the students. To read this story and look at his outstanding photos visit Gunther's blog.
Gunther Deichmann's Blog
Scroll down to the CHS story entitled:
The Forgotten Ones

Friday, February 15, 2008

CHS's Keitani Graham Wrestles in Olympic Qualifier

On February 8-10 Keitani Graham, Chuuk High School’s past Athletic Director, Instructor & Coach competed in Canberra, Australia at the at the Oceania Championships, an Olympic qualifier.

Keitani won a silver medal in Greco-Roman and another silver in Freestyle.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Clark Gathers Lifestyle Information in Guam

Clark Graham picked up substance, lifestyle and health materials from Public Health's Bobbie Benavente. Mrs. Benavente was in Chuuk last year for a SAMHSA workshop where Clark made a presentation.