Saturday, February 16, 2008

Photographer Gunther Deichmann Visits CHS

Professional Photographer Gunther Deighmann came to CHS and conducted a photography class for students. He went around the campus with the students having them take photos and then he also took photos. Returning to the classroom the pictures were downloaded onto a Macbook and then projected onto the wall. Gunther then talked to the students about each photograph and how to take better pictures.

Gunther saw a problem and saw a need, and he did something about it. When good people decide to get involved, which is something Gunther did at CHS with students, positive things happen. And... sure enough, things are starting to move forward: His business associates and friends stepped in and helped by donating equipment and software.

His visit and time with my students resulted in their learning more about photography but, of even greater value, they came to realize that someone cared and that they were of value. Many thanks to Gunther Deichmann.

His blog story "The Forgotten Ones" has had an important positive impact on the students. To read this story and look at his outstanding photos visit Gunther's blog.
Gunther Deichmann's Blog
Scroll down to the CHS story entitled:
The Forgotten Ones

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