Tuesday, February 26, 2008

200+ Students Expelled

Around 260 students have been expelled, this month (February)! Can you believe that? Just because they have low GPAs, and some because they just don't take school seriously.

In my opinion, I really don't agree with this act! What happened to "No Child Left Behind"? I know most of the students have talents, don't they deserve a second chance for the sake of there future?

Only the students that participate in the special education program were safe. They get to stay. Is it just or unjust? some of the students that were expelled were just slow learners. Isn't it that what schools are for: to educate students more, try harder to get something in the students brains? I guess not because they just got rit of all those students.

First they get rid of freshmen, and now they are getting rid of some more students. I wonder what the next move will be?

What is there for the students in the future? What is there to dream of? Education is the key to a better life. No education no future!

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hawaiikim said...

Wow that sounds pretty outrageous. I have been inspired by your school's story. I am a graduate student at The George Washington University and I would like to do a research project that incorporates findings from your school. Could you please let Mr. Clark Graham know that I would like to get in touch with him? My email is kimie@gwu.edu. Aloha.